Cookie Paper

Cookie Paper


Side table or stool, 2006

Cookie Paper
Top(Ø): 40 x Bottom (Ø): 50 x 37 (h) cm
Brushed or tinned brass
Like the upside down cupcake wrapper that originally inspired its shape, this side table is homage to the pleat. Folded from a single piece of metal, without welding of any kind, it is also testimony to the ingenuity of its design and execution.

Cookie Paper too
High: Top(Ø): 40 x Bottom (Ø): 50 x 37 (h) cm
Low: Top(Ø): 60 x Bottom (Ø): 70 x 30 (h) cm
Powder-coated brass - Black or White matte
In a twist on the unmistakable craftsmanship of its predecessor, the revised version of Cookie Paper comes clad in a powder-coat finish, impishly blurring the line between handcrafting and industrial finishing.

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