Saje: Asfour, Noujoum, Samkeh

Saje: Asfour, Noujoum, Samkeh


centerpiece bred or fruit basket, 2010

Brass, Tinned brass, gold-plated

50 (ø) × 6 (h) cm

Designed especially for an exhibition on Islamic Art called the Future of Tradition- The tradition of future Munich’s Haus der Kunst, these shallow platters, shaped rather like an inverted Lebanese saje griddle, can be used or simply admired.

The mostly smooth surface is decorated with contemporary Arabic typography created in collaborations with graphic designer Raya Khalaf that is picked out in perforations and arranged around the center of dish. All three- Asfour/ Bird, Noujoum/ Star, Samkeh/ Fish- are symbols of good luck or good news.

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