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The Confessional

A confessional is a small, enclosed booth used for the Sacrament of Penance, often called confession, or reconciliation. It is the usual venue for the sacrament in the Catholic Church. The priest and penitent are in separate compartments and speak to each other through a grid or lattice; conversations are usually whispered in the presence of God. While the penitent examines his conscience and confess, the priest whom has been given the power of jurisdiction over the penitent by God exercises forgiveness. The intent of this sacrament is to provide healing for the soul as well as to regain the grace lost by sin.

The project intends to reflect on the space of the confessional and the dialogue that is being held in it. The first step was to remove this piece of furniture from its religious context and think on it in a domestic space, like the bedroom. 

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